Porcelain pendantsCeramic Digical produce a variety of porcelain pendants, key chains, and miniature plaques, for your desire application. Any of these products are high quality products with attractive appearance and they will last practically forever. As such they are a perfect gift especially because it difficult to beat the uniqueness and originality of this quality product.

We always have lot of product variety in stock, for any inquiry please contact us via contact form or info@ceramicdigical.com.

Fused Glass Pendants

We also produce handcrafted custom glass products that are made with a high-resolution digital glass decal and the finest crystal clear glass tiles, in variety of shapes and sizes.

These collectible items work great for jewelry making, special events, advertising, pins, cufflinks, and a loved one’s memorial pictures.

When we kiln fire these images (up to 1200°F) the glass toner fuses to the glass and makes a permanent bond.

These products are extremely durable with no fading, waterproof and even food safe.