Ceramic Digical has over thirty years of experience in permanent displays, using ceramic or porcelain as a substrate. We have always used digital technology to design these works of art and have consistently strived to improve on the methods for our intricate ceramic, porcelain paintings, and silkscreen decals.

Memorial plaques companyCeramic Digical is now using a TOTAL DIGITAL process that allows us to print color photographs. Our staff was trained in Italy for this unique system, which is now available here in the United States.

With our high-resolution digital images and the patented Italian ceramic toners, the digital image is permanently fired (up to 1750°F) directly on to a glazed porcelain or ceramic product. The finished image is incredibly durable and will maintain the same beauty and colorfast characteristics as any glazed porcelain or ceramic surface.

Ceramic Digical’s products are resistant to: Sunlight, Acid Rain, Thermal Expansion/Contraction, Temperature Cycles, Frost and Snow.

Memorial Plaque Guarantee

When ordering a memorial plaque through Ceramic Digical, you can be rest assured that you are the best possible product out there in the marketplace. We guarantee to replace it free of charge or money back as long as the monument still exists for any of the following reasons:


PLEASE BE AWARE: Transferring a digital photo to a porcelain or crystalline product is an art, not an exact science. Variations occur in the on-screen representations, printed proofs and finished product. Also, very high temperatures used for firing process may bring out slight variations in color. However, Ceramic Digical strives to reproduce your photos exactly as you wish.